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Mission Statement - To combine technology with tradition in both methods and materials for innovative, cost effective, engineered solutions to the restoration and repair segment of the built environment.

For 35 Years ConSpec has provided unique solutions to both existing restoration problems and tackled new problems as they arose including but not limited to:

  • Fast set repairs of concrete structures dating back to 1978 with ready mix solutions for airport runways in the early 90's and post tensioned repairs in 2007
  • Introduced both Superplaticizers and fibrillated fibers to the concrete industry in the early 80's
  • Pioneered self leveling cements with Geistlich in the early 80's
  • Provided active swelling positive side below grade membranes installed from the negative side going back to 1996 for transportation, building, nuclear, water tunnel and several projects at ground zero in the months following 9/11
  • Provided a system to apply VCT tile to newly placed "lightweight" concrete going back to 2002
  • Stabilized/strengthened masonry structures with minimal intervention and cost savings in some cases in excess of 80%
  • Introduced cement capsule anchoring technology as an alternate to resin systems for more sympathetic, fire rated, and easier to use with fewer placement problems, especially overhead, from technology that is currently over 20 years old
  • Provide natural brownstone and custom brick for landmark, commercial and public structures

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Means, Methods and Materials for Restoration of the Built Environment
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